How to choose your pillow?

           From a medical point of view, there are 4 physiological bends in the human spine, namely, the anterior cervical spine, the posterior thoracic spine, the anterior lumbar spine and the posterior sacral spine. Among them, the cervical spine is very important, it can increase the elasticity of the cervical spine, maintain the normal force of the cervical intervertebral disc and joint, and play a certain role of buffer oscillation. Keeping the anterior cervical curvature is one of the important factors to reduce the occurrence of cervical spondylosis. Therefore, the first point of choosing a neck pillow is to maintain the normal physiological curvature of the cervical spine.

         The choice of travel pillow height is critical. The height of the pillow is related to the sleeping posture. You can choose more from your supine position or your sleeping position. When side sleeping need high neck pillow with hard support, need some thin supine air pillow; supine pillow height and high fist is appropriate, when side sleeping with one side of the shoulder width, of course, need to be adjusted according to the physiological characteristics of each person.

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