A popular item of the world!

     This summer, a variety of innovative and colorful portable fast inflatable sofa to take you a taste of a pleasant leisure time.

lazy chair (21).jpg

     Lazy sofa (also known as lazy bag, bean bag), the first popular in foreign markets, with the tension of the domestic life rhythm and the needs of young people like outdoor travel, this seemingly insignificant small spider also began to geometric Series of growth in the domestic proliferation, its well-behaved appearance and easy to use the characteristics of the collection has been sought after.

     Compared to the traditional product of the cumbersome admission, Bai Li portable fast inflatable sofa storage is also very simple, the weight of less than 1.6 kg, easy to carry, even to the outdoor use is also effortless, so that leisure time to become a real enjoyment, not For the cumbersome steps of the heavy weight of the volume is too much bound.

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