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Lightweight Adjustable laptop cooler

Brand : JZHY
Product origin : Shenzhen China
Delivery time : 30days
Supply capacity : 40000pcs

Product parameters

Product name: Lightweight Adjustable laptop cooler

Model: NCP78-B

Material: Metal mesh and plastic

Weight: 799g

Dimension: 270*370*33mm

DC Fan Size: 140x140x15mm(2PCS)

Speed: 800+-10% RPM

Rated voltage: 5VDC

Rated current: 0.32A

Detail: 5 adjustable angles, 2 Hubs Port

Product description

1, Print logo: yes;

2, Lightweight Adjustable laptop cooler have 5 adjustable angles;

3, Using good quality with aluminum +ABS plastic;

4, Anti-skid and low noise;

5, Easy to carry.

Product advantages

1. After the use of lightweight Adjustable laptop cooler, the computer smooth running, no need to worry about laptop crash or Caton.

2. Fan uniform layout, to the notebook computer to provide constant airflow, quickly play the role of cooling.

3. Lightweight Adjustable laptop cooler is ultra-quiet, to avoid affecting work and study, will not disturb others.

4. Game, office, audio and video, shopping, design,etc can easy to play, flexible use, stable computer temperature, keep running smoothly.

5. Anti-skid design, the use of more secure, beautiful shape, baffle design firm, first-class product quality.

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